Tubarões: "Ataques" a Verdade Finalmente Nas Noticias/Latest alleged Shark attack: The True Story

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Ora finalmente a verdade é confirmada por várias fontes, sobre as condições em que um mergulhador sofreu danos físicos por mordedura de um tubarão, que infelizmente resultou na sua morte.
Inicialmente os media lançaram mais uma campanha frisando "Ataque de Tubarão" , quando ao fim ao cabo, o indivíduo em causa, participava por iniciativa própria e conhecedor dos riscos, numa saída de mergulho com tubarões, onde é feita previamente a colocação de isco para atrair os animais e posteriormente ocorrem situações de "hand-feeding" na água.

Por outro lado, a hipocrisia (ou não) de estarem prestes a apresentar queixa crime contra o operador desses serviços, que como poderão ler embaixo de uma fonte da U. Miami, em 25 anos de actividade nunca tinha ocorrido uma fatalidade. Aqui ficam:

Ver video em baixo, onde se poderá ver a interacção de Mergulhadores com espécies como o Tubarão-Touro (a qual mordeu o referido mergulhador) entre outros. Uma mensagem a passar...


The truth slowly surfaces regarding the alleged "Shark Attack", that was nothing more than a media attack twisting the truth when the bitten diver was consciously participating on a "Shark Diving Expedition" that involves, attracting the Sharks to the area using bait and/or chum.

Hypocritically (or not) now the operator who took this group of divers seems to be under criminal charges, according to the news posted bellow.

If a diver knows the risks involved on such an activity, and as stated also, he was an experienced diver, by assuming the risks of being part of such an expedition, regardless to say that he was aware of the conditions involved on that expedition and could bait out, quit whenever he wanted.

But that is just my opinion (Artur Santos), not a statement from AQUAICBAS.

Here´s a clear video where Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks among other species interacted with us, without any problems although there was bait, chum and spearfishing involved; all part of a Scientific Project in FL, USA where in a nutshell the goal was to determine population mobility and kinship considering separate geographic areas and a possible pre-mating season aggregation.


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Fatal shark bite highlights danger of sport: Victim was diving in area where sharks were being fed by commercial boat

By: Mike Celizic
TODAYShow.com contributor
updated 9:32 a.m. ET Feb. 27, 2008

The death of a diver in the Bahamas from a shark bite was a tragic accident and not an intentional attack, according to documentary filmmaker and shark advocate Rob Stewart.

“What happened on Sunday morning was absolutely a terrible mistake,” Stewart said on Wednesday of the death of Markus Groh, 49. The Austrian attorney was with a group of seven on a shark-diving expedition run by Scuba Adventures, a Florida-based company that has been running such expeditions for years without incident.

The company lures sharks by baiting the water with crates of “chum” — hacked-up fish. Groh was bitten on the calf and died, apparently from loss of blood, before a rescue helicopter could get him to a hospital.
[...] “Diving with sharks is one of the best ways to get new understanding of sharks,” he told Vieira. “The reality behind sharks is they’re not menacing predators of people; they’re not out there to get human beings. This shark bite shows that the clear intention of the shark is not to eat them. By bringing people underwater with sharks, shark divers gain a new respect for them and that can help further their protection.”

fonte: MSNBC Interactive


"[...]The elder Groh said his son was among nine Austrians who arrived in Miami the day before Saturday's dive to observe feeding sharks and was with two other divers when the attack occurred.[...]The Scuba Adventures tour, operated by Jim Abernethy, was about five nautical miles north of Great Isaac Cay in Bahamian waters when the Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter to retrieve the wounded Groh, spokesman Luis Diaz said.
"He was unresponsive when he was brought aboard the helicopter," Diaz said. The attorney was later pronounced dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.[...]Garbose, 58, of North Palm Beach, said he has gone on two offshore Bahamas dives with Abernethy and was impressed with his caution.
"Safety comes first," he said. "He will get you out of the water if he deems it too dangerous."
Crew members don't simply toss chum, or bloody fish parts, into the water, Garbose said. They lower a plastic milk container filled with frozen tuna about 30 feet down on a line and wait for sharks to arrive. The idea is not to feed the fish, he said, but to draw them to the bait, which they bump and sniff while divers observe and photograph them from a distance.
"I've never had fear in the water with sharks on any operation Jim Abernethy has run," Garbose said. "They've been doing this for 25 years. Thousands of shark divers and professional videographers have all been out there safely."[...]
Indeed, George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida in Gainesville, said Groh's is the first fatality involving shark feeding. There have, however, been more than two dozen injuries during such dives, Burgess said. He discourages shark feeding because, as with bears or alligators, it alters their behavior so they associate people with food.[...]"We're big boys and we know what the risks are," Garbose conceded. "They're big animals. There are risks."[...]
fonte: sun-sentinel.com


"Shark-dive boat operator in a tight spot"


Jim Abernethy, the charter boat operator whose passenger was fatally mauled by a shark near Grand Bahama, could lose the right to lead tours in those waters, Bahamian authorities said Tuesday." [+]

But he also faces a more immediate concern: a criminal investigation by Miami-Dade homicide detectives.

Source: miamiHerald.com
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