Ver la versión completa : Carcasa Ikelite para Canon A3300 IS

The diving journalist
25th March 2011, 22:04
This compact digital housing is molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate, it is virtually indestructible with heavy duty walls that allow it to operate safely to 60m (200 feet).

All functions of the camera are accessible, except the print button.


A flash diffuser is included to aid in improving lighting quality when the camera's built-in flash is used to illuminate subjects underwater.

For optimum lighting underwater an optional external strobe (flash) is recommended. Ikelite strobes are brighter, recycle faster and offer wider coverage than the camera's flash.

Being farther from the camera lens, the strobe aids in reducing the illumination of particles in the water which helps to eliminate backscatter.

For more information, please visit this products webpage. http://www.ikelite.com