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  1. Foros y webs de buceo en frances.
  2. Qualcuno parla in italiano?
  3. Página/Foro de Buceo en Alemán
  4. 1er colloque national sur les aires marines protégées
  5. 2e FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE PLONGEE TECH Du 2 au 5 Octobre 2008, Cavalaire-sur-Mer
  6. II Festival de Video Subaquatico - VideoDigiSub - Portimão 2008, A realizar entre 17 e 26 de Outubro
  7. Diving accident kills man off Sea Ranch
  8. Fishermen cleared on charge of killing scuba diver
  9. Scuba diving accident kills popular Scuba Trust member
  10. Czech divers fined, banned from 'Garibaldi' wreck after fatal accident
  11. Diving accident kills Malta man
  12. Bahamas tourist survives near-fatal snorkeling accident
  13. Two scuba divers severely injured after rapid out-of-air ascent
  14. Former PADI 5-Star dive shop owner to stand trial for scuba diving murder
  15. Norwegian court rejects lawsuit by injured divers
  16. URGENT RECALL: Aqua Lung Titan Regulators and Titan/Conshelf DIN Scuba Adaptors Date: 2008-09-10
  17. Moscow International Dive Show 2009
  18. PADI 'Discover Scuba Diving' accident kills New Caledonia tourist
  19. Diving accident kills Fiji tourist
  20. Baltic Sea scuba diver missing, presumed dead
  21. Another diver dies off California's North Coast
  22. Diving accident kills popular DJ on holiday in Hawaii
  23. Severely injured scuba diver airlifted to hospital
  24. DJL Diving dive trip ends in disaster as boat sinks
  25. Scuba accident kills wreck diving pioneer
  26. Curso de capacitaÇÃo profissional em mergulho autÔnomo recreativo adaptado
  27. Xlendi: Gozo scuba park turned death trap?
  28. American shark finners busted
  29. Inquest: Contaminated air found in scuba accident victim's tank
  30. Search suspended for missing Malta scuba diver
  31. Inquest: Rapid ascent, air embolism killed novice diver
  32. Inquest: Brother identified dead scuba diver
  33. Inquest: Teen's scuba diving death a mystery
  34. Thailand in crisis
  35. Police club, beat striking Maldives resort staff
  36. Saving submerged ruins
  37. Scuba diving instructor dies after scuba course accident
  38. Family consider suing Sub Aqua Club, scuba instructor
  39. Death in Paris revisited
  40. Antarctic islands surpass Galapagos for biodiversity
  41. Grasping the scale of earth's oceans
  42. Deep-sea adventurer Jacques Piccard dies
  43. Raising the Dead: A True Story of Death and Survival
  44. Maldives diving accident leaves honeymoon husband dead, wife missing
  45. OzSail diving accident kills tourist
  46. 'Scuba Murphy' rules the Caymans
  47. Divers find Trouvadore slave ship
  48. Snorkeling accident nearly kills 5-year-old
  49. Missing scuba divers rescued after five hours adrift
  50. Scuba diving accident kills man at 'Miracle Waters'
  51. Touching tribute to pioneer pianist who died scuba diving
  52. Sheriff: Sub Aqua Club novice diver death could have been avoided
  53. Inquest: Delayed rescue killed Red Sea scuba diver
  54. Act now: Boycott palau
  56. URGENT RECALL: Aqua Lung Apeks Regulators
  57. URGENT RECALL: Aqua Lung Titan Regulators and Titan/Conshelf DIN Scuba Adaptors
  58. URGENT RECALL: Oceanic and Aeris Regulators
  59. OzSail, scuba instructor Kylie Irwin face criminal charges
  60. Dead scuba diver found in Blue Hole, Belize
  61. Dive boat captain describes 'horrific' search for missing teen scuba diver
  62. Diver down in the dumps
  63. New bill aims to protect Molokai's reefs from scuba divers
  64. Police probe fatal Stoney Cove scuba diving accident
  65. Kauai diving accident victim identified
  66. Koh Lanta: Like Phuket without mass tourism
  67. Search on for missing Mike Ball Spoilsport scuba divers
  68. Injured diver airlifted to hospital
  69. Body identified as missing BSAC scuba diver
  70. Diving accident kills man near Blenheim
  71. OzSail to be prosecuted for abandoning scuba divers
  72. Botched Holloway case continues to damage Aruba tourism
  73. Caribbean tourism crashes
  74. French scuba divers prefer the Philippines
  75. Odyssey finds mighty HMS Victory shipwreck
  76. Mangroves and sharks 1, Bimini Bay Resort and Marina 0
  77. Raising the Dead: A True Story of Death and Survival
  78. Ancient coral reef, bizarre deep ocean creatures found off Tasmania
  79. Scuba looters plunder Greece's submerged cultural heritage
  80. Helicopter rescues injured UK scuba diver
  81. Unsafe at any Depth: PADI Scuba Diver
  82. The parrot fish, in Canarian waters.
  83. Inquest: Shark probably ate scuba diver
  84. NZ scuba diving accident victim identified
  85. Man airlifted to hospital after scuba diving accident in Dorset
  86. Diving accident kills Texas dive business owner
  87. Accident kills Wellservicer dive boat crew
  88. Injured California diver airlifted to hospital
  89. Pirates attack, hijack Indian Ocean Explorer live-aboard scuba diving boat
  90. Scuba diving accident kills New Zealand man
  91. Scuba diving accident kills renowned American doctor
  92. Key West firefighter, charter boat captain found guilty of poaching
  93. Roatan shark feeder charged with attempted murder
  94. Survivor recounts Phuket liveaboard dive boat tragedy
  95. Lost ticket: UK dive 'n sail fraudsters travel to jail
  96. Scuba diving accident kills Pennsylvania man
  97. Scuba waivers: No more kids' stuff revisited
  98. Dynamite fishermen accidentally kill diver
  99. Scuba diving accident kills Komodo tourist
  100. Body of last MV Dive Asia accident victim recovered
  101. Police arrest diver who faked his own death
  102. Deep diving accident injures Emerald Dive Charters customer
  103. Exhausted Hawaii diver rescued
  104. Did baited tiger shark kill South Africa surfer?
  105. Shark kills teen surfer near South Africa shark baiting site
  106. Desmond Tutu launches new global anti-whaling campaign
  107. GUILTY: British divers admit stealing artifacts from shipwreck
  108. Seven Athlone Sub Aqua Club scuba divers rescued
  109. Accused UK scuba looters consider plea deal
  110. Natalia Molchanova 101m CWT Freedive World Record
  111. Roman Statues Found in Blue Grotto Cave
  112. The $6 million man-made reef
  113. Major US Shopping Chains Target Plastic Bags
  114. Experts uncover deep sea Bronze Age site
  115. Poison fishing killing river ecosystem
  116. US gives Shell green light for offshore oil drilling in the Arctic
  117. Endangered AK beluga whale group declining
  118. Sea cows disappearing from Gulf of Mannar
  119. Feds Will Face Lawsuit for Denying Penguins Endangered Species Protections
  120. Researchers probe submerged Mayan ruins in Guatemala lake
  121. Scientists searching for deep water caves off Bermuda
  122. Scuba diving accident kills Tilden's Scuba Center customer
  123. Another Florida scuba diving accident kills man near Key West
  124. Rebreather scuba diving accident kills renowned opthamologist off Pulau Aur
  125. Giant jellyfish sink Japanese trawler
  126. Diving accident kills Thailand tourist
  127. Peppercorn Diving customer collapses, dies after helmet diving in Bermuda
  128. Aussie scuba diver survives shark attack
  129. Two Japanese WWII subs found off Hawaii
  130. Scuba diving accident kills Gozo tourist
  131. Another scuba diving accident at Wastwater kills diver
  132. Tourism development, reef damage puts Belize on UNESCO endangered list
  133. Roatan shark feeder charged with attempted murder
  134. Searchers recover body of paraplegic scuba diver missing off Sudan
  135. Shark attacks, kills another surfer near South Africa shark baiting site
  136. Shark kills diver at illegal Red Sea shark feeding site
  137. Japan could scale down 'scientific' whaling
  138. Past whale populations may have been massive
  139. Ice age coral could point to future sea levels
  140. Stretched military halts cleanup of Fla. tire reef
  141. Treasure Coast fatal shark attack unsettles First Coast water enthusiasts
  142. Shark attacks man off northern Sydney
  143. Deal May Bring Aquarium to Times Square
  144. CAPTION THIS: Scuba diving on a bicycle
  145. Two-and-a-half miles under the ocean, but the Titanic is still providing lessons
  146. Extreme Breath-Holding: How It's Possible
  147. Every dolphin's gone surfin'! Stunning pictures as hundreds play among some monster waves
  148. Daredevil's underwater escape act
  149. Prosecute butchers of butanding - WWF
  150. Seahorses lead the charge in a teeming Thames
  151. Shark attacks surfer at Yellow Sands
  152. Rare northern right whales were not hunted to the brink
  153. Japan Plans to Ignore Any Ban on Bluefin Tuna
  154. Australia threat over Japan whale hunting 'unfortunate'
  155. Whaling protesters are behaving like pirates
  156. Researcher: Damage To Threatened Gulf Of California Habitats Can Be Reversed With 'Reduced Fishing A
  157. Crocs shock golfers, shut down beach
  158. Protestors Rally Against Oahu's North Shore Shark Tours
  159. Bahamian government urged to turn down netting permit
  160. Aquarium staff use chain mail gloves to feed piranha
  161. Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels
  162. Japan: Flagless Sea Shepherd Vessel Attacks With Illegal Laser Weapon
  163. Professor Presents Case For Dolphins As Nonhuman Persons; 'They Have A Sense Of Choice And Will'
  164. Dolphin therapy is booming despite concerns about efficacy and animal cruelty
  165. Seamount Scientists Offer New Comprehensive View Of Deep-Sea Mountains; 'Amazing New Research '
  166. New Insights Into Helping Marine Species Cope With Climate Change; 'They Have To Adapt'
  167. Edith Widder: Glowing Life in an underwater world
  168. Two N.J. divers find historic Andrea Doria bell at famous shipwreck site
  169. Shark alert as sardine run draws predators
  170. Shark diving experience is awarded 'Best Tourism Experience'
  171. Cut beer cans placed around seagulls' necks
  172. Shark alert for Cape Town
  173. 'Drowned voice' of pristine phonograph found at Yukon site of sunken ship
  174. Shark victim hails her 'lifesaver'
  175. Experts fear bumper lethal stinger season
  176. Tubing adventure turns into croc horror
  177. Sea lion hazing to begin at Willamette Falls
  178. Thousands of sharks spotted off Palm Beach
  179. Diver invents underwater communicator
  180. Unprecedented: Canadian Tourist Attacked By Shark In Cancun
  181. Possible shark attack leaves Canadian in intensive care
  182. Natural eel eggs found for first time
  183. Global fish consumption hits record high
  184. Shark net budget remains in plan
  185. Thousands of lionfish now in V.I.
  186. Large lionfish caught
  187. Canadian shark victim recovering in Mexico
  188. Autopsy shows killer whale swallowed 80 kilograms of stones before death at aquarium
  189. Canadian woman provoked shark - Mexican media
  190. Shark attack victim survives, all limbs intact
  191. How Shark Skin May Help Save Lives
  192. Pollutants In Aquifers May Threaten Future Of Mexico's Fast-Growing 'Riviera Maya'
  193. Sea Turtle Blasted With Shotgun
  194. Cyclone Yasi likely to have ravaged Great Barrier Reef
  195. Sea Shepherd Interrupts Illegal Whale Slaughter
  196. Japan: Hasama Ocean Park's captured basking shark dies in captivity
  197. Buceador muere en el Mar de Sines
  198. PADI - Get a C-Card - Save a Shark
  199. British man mauled by shark
  200. Amateur divers find 13th century treasure in Bay of Tallinn
  201. Disgusting PETA ad which claims shark attack victims 'have it coming' is affront to family of....
  202. Baby Sharks Birthed in Artificial Uterus
  203. Shark victim in South Africa 'saved by tourniquet'
  204. Scientists: Jellyfish On The Increase In The Mediterranean; 'Monitoring Jellyfish Is Not Easy'
  205. FBI's terrorism search goes undersea
  206. Mysterious glowing tide turns Californian coastline into a neon blue alien landscape Read more: htt